10 Biggest Trends in Business Logo Design 2019

Find out what’s hot and what’s really not.

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First impressions count for everything in modern business, which is why mastering the company logo design process should be a priority for all entrepreneurs. After all, this often forms the first port of consumer interaction. Without the right business logo design, you may not even clear the first hurdle on the path to conversion.


Keeping it super simple is hot as are gradients, plain text, illustrations as letters, minimalist typography. Metallic and neon colours are a thing and styles such as semi-flat and box logos are all the rage.


While it’s important for the brand’s unique personality to shine through in the design, it’s equally crucial to appreciate the hottest trends and have them incorporated into the logo in order to create the biggest impact. Here are the 10 biggest attributes I’ve noticed in 2019.

  1. Simplified Business Logo Design

    A number of designers and brands are opting for very simple designs right now, removing unnecessary features. One example is American Express and how they have removed the light-to-mid blue gradient in favour of a solid mid blue. Not only does it make a bolder statement, but also ensures that the image looks great across all mediums.

    New BT Logo

    British Telecoms are currently rolling out their new simplified logo design which was created by London based studio Red&White

    Given that most companies now need a logo that suits web pages and social media channels as well as shop fronts, stationery, and products, simplicity is often king.

  2. Semi-Flat Business Logo Design

    With online media in mind, the use of semi-flat company logos has become very popular too. This creates a 3D vibe that looks particularly good on web browsers and mobile Apps. They are sleek, modern, and simplistic while actively encouraging the logo to stand on the webpage. This type of design still looks great on letterheads and similar items too, particularly with a white background.

    PayPal Logo

    The PayPal logo is an example of semi-flat logo design.

    In most cases, these images will use several shades of the same colour for the main image while something related to the brand, such as an initial, maybe contrasting colour.

  3. Gradients In Business Logo Design

    Despite the fact many companies are losing the gradients, many others are embracing them with open arms. This is one of the hottest trends right now, especially true or digital brands aiming to hit a youth audience, and is partially a response to Instagram’s success since opting for this style a couple of years back. The use of multiple shades give definition to a logo and can help it stand out.

    Instagram Logo

    Instagram led the way back in 2016 with their bright gradient icon design.

    However, most companies are losing the gradual gradients across one vector. Instead, logos are split into several clear elements that each have their block shade to create the overall gradient.

  4. Plain Text In Business Logo Design

    The signature logo that relies solely on typography has always existed, but is enjoying a major comeback right now. Whether it’s the bold font of Google or the calligraphy style often seen in restaurants, bars, and barbers doesn’t matter. The use of this logo type is particularly useful for companies that may crave versatility. After all, the colour of the text can be changed with ease.

    Burberry Logo

    Back in August 2018, Burberry stunned the design world with a major simplification to their traditional logo which hadn’t changed in 20 years.

    It’s also worth noting that this type of logo can support many brand identities from exclusive luxury to fun and relaxed energies.

  5. Illustrations As Letters In Business Logo Design

    In truth, the use of illustrations as letters is nothing new. We often see Google replace the letters of its logo with illustrations (such as the Os becoming eyes) while many brands have done the same in offline marketing for many years. Thanks to progressions in graphic design, a growing number of SMEs are turning to this approach. The illustrations may be the same colour as the text, or not.

    Google Doodle Logo

    The best example of illustrative letter logo design are Google’s Doodle logos.

    This idea works for a large number of companies across many industries.

  6. Minimalist Typography Business Logo Design

    The idea of using one letter or the initials of the company as a logo can be seen by many of the big companies (McDonald’s, Calvin Klein, etc.). However, this is becoming increasingly popular for small companies too. It is a particularly good option for digital companies that have an App. After all, the block letter logo will stand out very well on the user’s home screen.

    McDonalds Logo

    The famous Golden Arches logo, originally introduced in 1962, now resembles the “M” for “McDonald’s.

    Most will find that the best solution is to design the letter so that it can make a statement about the brand too. The Baskin Robbins ‘31’ hidden in the BR logo offers great inspiration.

  7. Metallic Business Logo Design

    Metallic logos are another increasingly popular idea as they embrace the simplistic overall flavour while additionally catching the eye in a stylish manner. They can express a variety of ideas ranging including speed, exclusivity, and home entertainment. For a cool, sharp logo design, the metallic route is one that many modern businesses will want to consider.

    metallic logo examples

    The metallic logo style is a popular choice for car manufacturers for obvious reasons.

    The growing trend of metallic logos transcending their original uses will only get bigger over the next few years.

  8. Geometric Business Logo Design

    Geometric logos are more popular than ever, not least because consumers know how to read them and understand the meaning behind each shape. This offers a simple solution to complex ideas, which can be very useful when looking to express a message. Furthermore, they are stylish, cool, and work exceptionally well in the modern world of business.

    Mastercard Logo

    In 2016 Mastercard took a big step with a bold geometric design update to their logo which hadn’t changed for 20 years.

    The use of geometric shapes to create an image that relates to the business grabs the attention very effectively, regardless of whether it’s a flat, 3D, or a perspective image.

  9. Text Box Business Logo Design

    Text box logos are those that have a background colour with text (usually the brand name) located inside the box. The colours are often contrasting. The Marvel franchise’s white on red is a good example, but the simple concept is one that can be borrowed by far smaller companies. They look great as storefronts as well as web headings and letterheads.

    Marvel Logo

    A good example of a text box logo design with strong contrast.

    For maximum impact, the letters inside can make reference to the brand too.

  10. Neon Business Logo Design

    Retro-style logos have resurfaced in a variety of ways, but the use of neon logos is particularly clear in recent times. For a long time, these were associated with sports bars, cocktail bars, and little else. Nowadays, the retro look is very hot right now. It’s funky, cool, nostalgic, and still grabs the attention in a big way. Again, it’s an idea that works in both print and digital media.

    Bulb Energy Logo

    Bulb is one example of a brand using neon colours.

    Neon logos can be text or incorporate illustrations. Either way, the ultra-cool style is a great option for revamping logos as well as creating new ones.

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