5 Website Optimisation Tips For Your Website

25 April 2017

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Here are 5 of my top tips for effective website optimisation which will help to improve you search visibility.

I aim to produce websites that work hard for my clients so well planned website optimisation is a big part of that. It’s import to do the small things well in order to make the final result as good as it possibly can be. Often things like alt tags and meta descriptions get neglected and no planning or thought goes into the most crucial part of any website, the content!

Below I outline my top 5 tips on site optimisation to help you make the most of your most powerful marketing tool, your website.

1.Tidy up

If you have an existing site that’s been around for a while then it’s a safe bet that things probably need a bit of a tidy up. You can use various site audit tools to scan your site and find out what the current issues are.  Once you know what needs improvement then you can start making informed changes to your website which will have a positive effect on you overall site health score.

If you need help addressing issues such as 404 errors, missing alt tags or missing meta descriptions contact me today and I can help.

2. Do your research

Once you’ve given everything a good spring clean you can then focus on optimising your site’s content. Think about the types of keywords or phrases you want to be found for and do some initial research on them. See how many results Google returns for these terms. You need to find keywords/phrases relevant to your product or service offerings. Don’t choose anything too generic as it will be far to competitive to rank for.

Here is an example to explain what I mean by this:

SERPs results

The above terms are very broad and have millions of results. This indicates they are very competitive terms and ranking highly for them will be quite tricky. The example on the left has 191 million results so that can be ruled out straight away. The example of the right has 7 million results, a lot less but still highly competitive.

A good ranking position for the above example is much more attainable with just over 460 thousand results. With keyword focused content and quality back links ranking for this term would be achievable. 

3. Check out the competition

Competitor analysis should form part of your research. Unless you are selling something totally new and never before seen, then it is certain other people will be offering the same products or services that you are. Look at their websites and the type of content and language they use.

I can help analyse their websites and produce a keyword report for you. This will tell you which keywords they are ranking for and what keywords you might want to target in order to compete with them.

4. Write more

Google loves content and the more the better as long as it’s relevant and naturally written. 350 words is the standard amount considered acceptable for search engine visibility but recent changes in Google’s algorithms suggest it now favours longer content, anything from 500-1500 words! Bad news if you are a time strapped blogger like me but don’t worry, the most important thing is that you consistently produce relevant and well written content. If you can manage 500+ words then great but if you can’t then just make sure that the 350 is well worth reading.

5. Secure backlinks

High quality backlinks are like gold dust, hard to find! Try to secure as many relevant backlinks from websites with high domain authority as you can. This will help boost your own websites authority and help you move up in the SERPs. Remember backlinks should be relevant to your industry/sector. Having back links from clients is great but if you sell cheese and they sell chalk search engines can’t see the relevance of these links and may list them as toxic.

I hope you find these tips useful and if you need help with SEO, Keyword research or website optimisation then contact me today!

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