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12 May 2017

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CEB Creative specialises in affordable logo design for start-ups and small businesses.

When setting up a new business a professional logo design is essential but is often overlooked. Many start-ups and small businesses have a limited budget so logo design isn’t always top of the list.

In this post, I will outline the benefits of investing in a professional logo design rather than the ‘do it yourself’ or ‘cheap as chips’ approach.

Are there different types of logo design?

Yes, there are and it’s important to choose the right one for your business.

There are three main types of logo and they are categorised as follows:

The Wordmark

Considered the easiest and most familiar type of logo design, the Wordmark can look any number of different ways; crisp, clean and modern like Google’s logo or more traditional with history and heritage behind it like the Coca-Cola logo.

The Pictorial

These types of logo often function like puzzles as they are a picture and when you say what it is you identify the name of the company like the Apple logo. These aren’t always as straightforward as the Apple example but generally work directly or indirectly to get you to the name of the company.

Abstract Iconography (everyone’s favourite)

This logotype seems (on the surface at least) to have no logical base unlike the other two above. It’s almost like it’s just considered brilliant because it is and there is no real explanation for it or logic behind it. The Nike swoosh is hands down the best example of an Abstract Iconography logotype. Now famous the world over the Nike swoosh originally cost just $30 and was designed by a Portland State University art student. At that point, it had no value at all. None of the people that commissioned it particularly liked it, they all wanted the Adidas three stripes and it was chosen as ‘best of an average bunch’. Nike is now worth an estimated $15.9 billion and that ‘swoosh’ is recognised not just as a symbol of high-quality sporting apparel but of the very idea of sporting excellence and achievement itself! The ultimate success of Nike was down to its high-quality products and genius marketing approach, not the little logo that cost $30.

Different Logo Types Example

There is a fourth type which can combine elements of all three of the main categories and this is called The Logo System.

This is a graphical framework that can have endless permutations. Google’s daily doodles is an example of this type of logo design. This approach to logo design is driven by technological change as in the past logos would be applied to mainly static marketing materials. In the digital age, the option to constantly change and evolve things (your twitter profile image for example) means logos need to be more flexible and cover a much greater range of media application.

Google's Daily Doodle Example


How important is a good logo design?

The famous American graphic designer Michael Bierut once rightly pointed out that a logo is only the start. He said:

“It really is about thinking of these symbols as empty vessels in a way, and then you pour the meaning into them.”

Michael Bierut, Partner @ Pentagram

This is a great analogy as a logo doesn’t mean anything until it becomes associated with something. That something could be anything from religion to the latest trainers. This is why I also offer branding and corporate identity services to help you establish a strong base for your ongoing visual marketing.

If you are looking for affordable logo design for your new business or just need to work on an existing logo contact CEB Creative today!

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