New to WordPress? CEB Creative offers bespoke design & Build

New to WordPress

If you are new to WordPress I can help explain why it’s the best CMS

WordPress powers 28% of the internet. Join the global community.

Why Choose WordPress?

Even if you are new to WordPress you have probably heard of it before. WordPress is a great CMS system for any website big or small. It allows you to control your content easily and keep your website updated with the latest news and services your company offers.

WordPress’ appearance is controlled by themes. There are lots of off-the-shelf WordPress themes out there, some free and others you need to pay for. Whilst many of these themes look great in their preview mode, they rarely look the way you want them too once you get your own content in them. The best way to create a powerful, personalised website is to use a WordPress developer like me who can create a bespoke website design unique to you.

All my WordPress websites are designed from scratch and built using a custom theme. It only contains the templates and functionality you need which keeps it light-weight and fast.

New to WordPress

Top Tips for small business new to WordPress

  • Make sure design and functionality suit your business needs
  • Take full advantage of the WordPress CMS to look after your own content
  • Optimise your site for search engines with SEO plugins
  • Avoid trying to shoe horn your needs into an off-the-shelf theme
  • If you want leads from your website invest in a professional design and build
  • Avoid wasting hours of precious time trying to make it yourself

CEB Creative specialises in bespoke WordPress

If you’re considering a bespoke WordPress website design for your business or want to replace an off-the-shelf theme with a personalised design, get in touch and we can discuss all your requirements.

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