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Creating a detailed web design brief to send out to prospective partners is the first step to a successful website project.

If you can provide a supplier with a detailed Web Design Brief, it will really help them to accurately spec out and quote for your project.

web design brief template

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Below is a comprehensive guide to what to include in a web design brief.

  1. Overview
    Tell people about your business, what do you sell and also what you want. Is this a website redesign or a new website?
  2. Main Goal
    This is what you hope to achieve by investing in a new website for example, maximise the number of enquiry for submissions.
  3. Secondary Goal
    This could be things like maximising user experience by making information easy to find.
  4. Target audience
    Tell us about what sort of visitors you want to attract to the site. If these are new target audiences then you may need to change your content to appeal to these new groups.
  5. Sitemap
    An easy one but often overlooked, what pages do you need to be included on your site. A simple list will do.
  6. Technical Specifications
    Functionality is one of the biggest cost factors alongside website size so think carefully about what you want your website to do. Don’t just list out a whole load of stuff that you think you might like, do your research and come up with a concise list.
  7. Number of pages/products
    Give us an idea of the size of your site by indicating the number of pages or products you want to include. The larger the site, the more expensive it will be.
  8. Website inspiration
    If you’ve got some ideas of how you want the site to look or have found some examples of things you like, share them with us. We can then advise on what’s suitable and cost-effective.
  9. Competitors
    If you haven’t researched your competitors then you need to. It’s important to know what they are doing and if you have missed anything vital out of your site that they have.
  10. Budget
    Don’t be shy, be honest about your budget. You don’t have to be specific, a ballpark figure is fine but there is nothing worse than being sold a wonderful package only to find it’s 10 times your budget. Give a realistic budget and you’ll get an honest spec and quote.
  11. Timescales
    Be realistic, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it takes longer than a couple of weeks to build an SEO focused bespoke website. I estimate between 8-10 weeks for standard website projects.
  12. Procurement
    Give the supplier an idea of when you’d like to start the project and when a decision will be made on the selected partner. Provide contact details for the person dealing with the quotes.
  13. Branding
    If you have brand guidelines or references for colours and fonts, then share these with me as that way I know that’s covered.

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