Logo Design & Branding

CEB Creative can provide logo design and branding services for your business.

Every business needs a professional logo design and branding. If you are serious about your business, a logo designed by an experienced graphic designer is essential. All logos need to work in a variety of different ways, they can vary greatly in size and need to be used in both printed and digital formats.

Logo Design & Branding

I specialise in logo design, brand development and corporate identity for start-ups and small businesses.

Types of logo

Not many people outside of the design industry know that their are different types of logo and it’s important to consider which one is most suitable for your business.

The Wordmark

The most common and familiar type of logo design. Often crisp, clean and modern it spells out the name of your business or brand in a creative way. Coca-Cola is a wordmark logo.

The Pictorial

Another popular type of logo which uses an icon or image to illustrate the business or brand name. The Apple logo is a pictorial logo.

Abstract Iconography

This is what all budding brand builders aspire to, it’s everyone’s favourite. Often there seems no logic or reason behind it but it just works. The Nike swoosh is perhaps the most famous example of an abstract iconography logo.

To learn more about the different logo types and see examples, visit my blog post here.

Logo formats

The amount of clients who supply me low res jpg or png files of their logo during website projects is surprising, especially when a lot of them have had them ‘designed’ by someone.

A logo should always be produced as a vector graphic first and then all other file types such as jpgs and pngs can be derived from that master file.

What is a vector graphic?

Vector graphics are created in graphics packages and consist of shapes called objects.

It is possible to edit each object separately, for example, change the shape, colour, size and position.

Even if an object in a vector graphic is quite large, it doesn’t need a lot of computer memory. Therefore the file size of a vector graphic is often very small.

Vector graphics are scalable – ie when you resize them, they do not lose quality.

Source: BBC Bitesize

The last part is the most important, scalable to any size without loss of quality. Even if your business starts out in your front room, one day, you may require things like shop signage, vehicle wraps, exhibition boards and so on. All of these items will need to feature your logo and it will need to be big.

A vector graphic of your logo gives you the flexibility to grow your business marketing materials as and when you need to.

If you need a bespoke logo design, check out my packages to suit every budget here.

5 tips for your first logo design

  • Wordmarks work best for new businesses
  • Keep the design simple and clean
  • Avoid small detail or overly complex shapes/elements
  • Use colours with high contrast
  • Keep the use of it throughout marketing materials consistent

Logo art working service

If you already have a logo design that just needs a few tweaks or perhaps you don’t have a vector graphic of it, I can help. I offer logo art working services from just £12.50 per hour. Email me for more details.

If you are starting a new business and need a professional logo design contact me today.

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