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CEB Creative offers UK based managed WordPress hosting for all my website projects.

Managed WordPress hosting takes the pressure off you. Website hosting can be confusing and with so many companies offering to host your website for a wide range of prices, it can be difficult to choose what’s right for you and your business.

What is it?

What is hosting? Basically, it’s the space on a server where your website is stored and made accessible to the world wide web. Fast and secure hosting is important for both your website visitors and search engine rankings. Hosting is a requirement of owning and running a website and should be viewed similar to a mobile phone contract, your website being the latest handset and your hosting being the monthly bill that allows to use your new phone.

I offer all my web clients managed hosting. Managed hosting means I take care of all the technical stuff; setup, backups and updates. My hosting is safe and reliable which ensures your website enjoys maximum uptime and protection.

UK Based hosting companies

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What about cost?

It’s crucial to invest in a good hosting package for your website. A healthy, well-managed hosting environment ensures your website keeps running smoothly. It can improve your websites speed which is great for users and search engines. Cheap shared hosting packages may look attractive but servers quickly become overloaded resulting in slow load times and even website down time.

5 tips for small business website hosting:

  • Good hosting should cost between £15-25 per month
  • Choose dedicated WordPress hosting for optimum performance
  • A professional setup is essential; incorrect set up will lead to issues
  • Any decent hosting package should include backups (a copy of your site saved elsewhere)
  • Always use UK based hosting providers

Do I want to use my own hosting?

You can choose to use your own hosting platform if you wish. There are minimum specifications for WordPress website hosting so it is important to check with your chosen hosting provider that they offer these.

You can use the letter template below to check this with your host. Copy and paste it in to an email or support ticket to them from here.

Managed WordPress Hosting

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Things to remember if you host your site elsewhere:

  • You’ll need to purchase and configure the correct hosting package
  • You’ll need to upload your site files and configure the database
  • You are fully responsible for your site, back-ups and technical issues
  • CEB Creative will have to charge for ANY work, whether this is exploratory or not, in regard to your site – this includes phone calls relating to hosting issues
  • CEB Creative can’t take any responsibility for errors or problems with your site HOWEVER they may have been caused
  • Any malicious activity (hacks, viruses, WordPress hacks) become your responsibility to correct
  • Any server downtime becomes your responsibility to manage

I will, of course, continue to provide paid-for support services for your site, should you wish to configure your own hosting account.

If you’re considering a WordPress site and need hosting or wish to move your current WordPress site to managed hosting, email me so we can discuss your requirements fully. 

Contact me today about managed WordPress hosting for your business.

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