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Microbiome Logo & Branding Design

Logo design is my favourite type of design. You can be truly creative and experiment with lots of different ideas.

The Client

This project formed part of a practical module for my Masters Degree in Graphic Design through Hertfordshire University. I choose to create something in answer to a competition brief by the Student RSA Design Awards called Human By Nature.

microbiome logo banner


Student RSA Design Awards competition logo design entry

The Brief

The brief asked me to design a means of encouraging people to care for their own human microbiome (the community of beneficial microbes that live inside our bodies).

My Solution

In answer to the brief, I came up with the idea of a microbiome testing kit. This would allow users to monitor their own microbiome as well as educating them on its functions.

My creative outcomes focused around a logo for my fictional testing kit company, microbiome. I also created accompanying branding, testing kit packaging design, an information booklet design, and website design.


"Charlotte, this is a thoroughly investigated, thought through and turned out project. The designs are well integrated and appealing."

Kerry Andrews - Lecturer & Module Tutor


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