Online Gift Company Logo Design by CEB Creative

The Little Carnivore Company Logo

A simple, fun and quirky logo design for an online gift shop.

The Client

The Little Carnivore Company are a new startup selling bespoke gifts for cat lovers. They needed a logo design for their new business. The logo would not only used for marketing the company but will also appear on the products they sell so it needed to be fun, quirky and recognisable.

Little Carnivore Logo Versions

Logo design for an online gift seller

The Brief

Little Carnivore needed a bright and fun logo that would look great on their merchandise as well as their marketing.

The Solution

I put together a selection of different fonts, experimenting with different ways of using the cat icon. I knew that we would be following this logo design up with a website so it was very important to choose a typeface that was suitable for use on the web. I use Google Fonts which are great as they can be used on printed materials like logos as well as websites.

The designs were narrowed down to one through the logo development process and the final idea was refined further with some colour adjustments. I chose a bright colour palette which really lifted the overall design.

The finished design is bright, fun and memorible. It will work well across social media and any printed materials.

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."

Terry Pratchett

Little Carnivore Cat

I really enjoyed working on this gift company logo design. If you are creating a new brand of any kind and need a business logo design contact me today.