How to fix WordPress login_trashed error

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If you ever see the /login_trashed string at the end of your URL when attempting to log in or out of /wp-admin there is a good chance that the root cause is a plugin.

I’ve created this post which gives some website tips for fixing login_trashed error.

Here is an example of what you might see in the URL:

On the front end you will see your 404 error page when you try to access the /wp-admin page.

How to fix the WordPress login_trashed error:

If you can’t login into the back end of your site via /wp-admin then you’ll need FTP access to get at the plugins folders in your wp-content file. Most hosting companies will provide FTP access and you can use an file manager like Transmit to login.

  1. Using a file manager (or FTP), rename your plugins folder. You can rename it anything – for example, “oldplugins”. This will disable all plugins. You’ll also need to clear your browser cache/history completely or use an incognito window so your browser doesn’t continue redirecting you.
  2. Try the normal /wp-admin again and this time you should be able to gain access.
  3. Once you can log in successfully, rename “oldplugins” back to just “plugins”.
  4. Go back to your dashboard and view the plugins, WordPress should still have them all deactivated.
  5. Activate each plugin one by one through wp-admin, whilst having an incognito window open so you can test the /wp-admin page loads correctly after each activation.
  6. Once you find the plugin that is causing issues, you can rename the plugins folder one more time, log in again, rename plugins folder back to “plugins”, reactivate all plugins except the problem one.

Fix Login_trashed error

That should now fix your login_trashed string error and allow you to login and out of your WordPress site as normal. Need help fixing WordPress? Contact CEB Creative today!