A simple logo artworking service

I offer a logo artworking service to help my clients tweak their existing logo design and convert it to a vector file scalable to any size.

Most of my clients use my logo artworking service to help take their existing ‘cobbled together’ logo and change one of the colours and make the whole image sharper and more professional.

Often clients who create a logo themselves or use a low-cost solution like Fiverr find they don’t have all the file types they need for things like using the image with a transparent background.

This is where CEB Creative can help.

My vector logo service

With my vectorizing services, I am able to create a vectorized version of your logo and change the colours, fonts and sizing easily. Vectorize artwork can be tricky to create, you need the right creative software and I use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator CC to ensure your vector artwork is as professional as possible.

Top 3 tips when getting a logo designed for your business:

  1. Use a professional graphic designer
  2. Make sure your new logo works both really big and really small
  3. Get all the file versions you need which should include: JPG, PNG, PDF and the vector artwork (EPS)

Editing an existing logo

You can see in the example below that the original logo was dull and the elements roughly put together. The revised logo and icon design is much brighter and more modern. The text is no longer distorted by the thick outline and the overall look of the logo is much more subtle.

I was able to use my vector artwork services to provide Renosash with not only an improved logo design but a vectorized version of their new logo as well.

Logo Artworking Service

Sam from Renosash was really pleased with the results of my logo artworking service and the logo soon appeared on their website and social media pages.

“Charlotte took my existing logo and made it sharper and more professional. Quick turn around and well priced. Thank you very much.”

Sam, Owner, Renosash

Logo Artworking Service

Vectorizing an existing logo

With the cheaper logo design services often you aren’t given a .eps or vector file copy of your logo design. This means you are limited by the file size of the JPEG or PNG file you’ve been supplied. At first, this may not be a problem but as your business grows you may need to invest in things like shop signage, vehicle wraps, uniforms and large marketing materials but without a vector version of your logo, you are stuck. If you use a file that’s too small it’s going to look awful and for things like uniforms, a vector file is essential. You can use my vector service to ensure you have the right file type of your logo for all types of print and digital media.

Got a design idea that needs creating?

If you already have a strong idea of what you want your logo to look like and just need someone to put it together for you, I can help. You can use my logo artworking service to bring your idea to life.

A recent project

I helped Heather, a local childminder, create a simple logo for her business that she could use on social media and printed advertising. Heather already knew the design she wanted to use so I just helped her work up the logo into a vector shape which could then be used to create all the file types she needed such as JPGs.

Yay, it’s perfect!! It’s just what I wanted so thank you!!

Heather Green, Owner, Bright Stars Childcare

Logo Artworking Service

If you are looking at vectorizing your logo, have a logo idea that needs creating or just need a few small tweaks to an existing design, CEB Creative’s logo artworking service is perfect for you.

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