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CEB Creative offers logo design services for all types of businesses in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

I can provide a professional logo design service for your business.

Looking for logo design? Every business needs a logo as it’s a fundamental part of your brand identity. I can help work with you to design a completely new company logo or we can re-work an existing logo to help modernise your corporate identity or to better reflect your current aims and services. Create bespoke logo designs that are unique and based on your creative preferences is one of the highlights of being a designer.


The Process:

All my logo projects follow a detailed process to ensure I can achieve the best creative outcome that suits your business. Here is a brief outline of the different stages of designing a logo.

Stage 1 – Brief

I will ask you for a detailed brief which will need to include target audience and potential customer personas. I want to find out who your logo should appeal to.

Stage 2 – Moodboards

I need to get some idea of your creative preferences so I will gather together existing logo designs and ask you for a simple list of likes and dislikes. This helps me to refine my creative ideas and avoids me showing you anything you know you don’t want.

Stage 3 – Logo Sketches

The first part of the actual logo designs is for me to roughly sketch out some ideas. At this stage, I am just exploring possible creative directions.

Stage 4 – Logo Concepts

It’s time to work up some of those sketch ideas into digital form. I am focusing on establishing the type of logo you want, the word arrangement, font and the possible use of an icon.

Stage 5 – Logo Development

From those initial concepts, I work with you to refine 2-3 ideas further. At this stage, we may start adding colour and/or texture.

Stage 6 – Final Files

Once you have chosen your final logo design I will artwork the digital files and outline any fonts used. You will then be supplied with all the appropriate file types for use.

Share it!

A logo design is only the start of your identity, once you have a logo you need to market it by using it across all your promotional materials. You can add value to your brand by getting your logo out there and recognised for representing your business, and it’s core values.

Top Tips for small business logo design

  • Make the text part of your logo super clear and readable
  • Use it consistently
  • High contrast colours and fonts are essential
  • Have something visual/memorable but not too complicated
  • Avoid fine detail as it needs to work both big and small (think advertising board vs Business card)

If you’re considering a new logo for your business or want to revamp an existing one, tell me what you’re looking for and I can create something special just for you! Contact CEB Creative today about bespoke logo design packages for your business.

Here you can view an example of one of my recent logo design projects.

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