Logo Design Brackley Northamptonshire

I design bespoke logos for all types of businesses in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

I can provide professional logo design for you and your business.

Looking for logo design? I love to create bespoke logos that are unique and based on your creative preferences. Every logo project will follow a detailed process to ensure we achieve the best creative outcome to suit you or your business.


A logo design is only the start of your identity, once you have a logo you need to market it by using it across all your promotional materials. You can add value to your brand by getting your logo out there and recognised for representing your business, and it’s core values.

Top Tips for small business logo design

  • Make the text part of your logo super clear and readable
  • Use it consistently
  • High contrast colours and fonts are essential
  • Have something visual/memorable but not to complicated
  • Avoid fine detail as it needs to work in big or small formats

If you’re considering a new logo for your business or want to revamp an existing one, get in touch and we can discuss your requirements thoroughly. Contact me today about bespoke logo design for your business.

Here you can view an example of one of my recent logo design projects.

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