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Logo Design & Branding

I’ve heard there are different types of logo, is that true?

Yes, it is. Not many people outside of the design industry know that there are different types of logo design, and it’s essential to consider which one is most suitable for your business.

The Wordmark

The most common and familiar type of logo design. Often crisp, clean and modern it spells out the name of your business or brand in a creative way. Coca-Cola is a wordmark logo.

The Pictorial

Another popular type of logo which uses an icon or image to illustrate the business or brand name. The Apple logo is a pictorial logo.

Abstract Iconography

This is what all budding brand builders aspire to, and it’s everyone’s favourite. Often there seems no logic or reason behind it, but it just works. The Nike swoosh is perhaps the most famous example of an abstract iconography logo.

professional logo designer

Why should I use a logo designer?

There are lots of freelance logo designers out there who claim to offer professional logo design services, but this isn’t always the case. Often you will find a logo designer who is offering their logo design service very cheaply, but the result isn’t that exciting and is often very basic or based on a logo design template.

While VistaPrint logo design might seem an attractive prospect, it can never match the skills and experience of a professional logo designer. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for like when it comes to professional logo design services.

Professional logo designs aren’t easy to create, and so you’re unlikely to find free professional logo design service that’s any good. If you are going to invest in a new company logo design, it’s well worth doing your research on a logo freelancer like me.

Why are the file formats for logos important?

All logos need to work in a variety of different ways; they can vary significantly in size and need to be used in both printed and digital formats.

You will discover if you decided to have a go and create your own logo, that most design your own logo free tools or free logo maker software will only provide you with a JPG or PNG file. The amount of clients who supply me low res JPG or PNG files of their logo during website design projects is surprising, especially when a lot of them have had them created by a logo designer.

A logo should always be produced as a vector graphic first, and then all other file types such as JPG and PNG can be derived from that master file.

What is a vector graphic?

Vector graphics are created in graphics packages and consist of shapes called objects.

It is possible to edit each object separately, for example, change the shape, colour, size and position.

Even if an object in a vector graphic is quite large, it doesn’t need a lot of computer memory. Therefore the file size of a vector graphic is often very small.

Vector graphics are scalable – ie when you resize them, they do not lose quality.

Source: BBC Bitesize


The last part is the most important, scalable to any size without loss of quality. Even if your business starts in your front room, one day, you may require things like shop signage, vehicle wraps, exhibition boards, and so on. All of these items will need to feature your logo, and it will need to be big, so having the correct file types is essential.

A vector graphic of your logo gives you the flexibility to grow your business marketing materials as and when you need to. You won’t often get this with a logo maker app, so it’s crucial to choose logo design services that offer this feature.

Sophie Jane logo variations

My five business logo design tips

  1. Wordmarks work best for new businesses
  2. Keep the design simple and clean
  3. Avoid small details or overly complicated shapes/elements
  4. Use colours with high contrast
  5. Keep the use of it throughout marketing materials consistent

Already got an idea? Use my logo art working service instead.

If you don’t need new logo ideas because you already have a logo design that needs a few tweaks or perhaps you don’t have a vector graphic of it, I can help. I offer logo art working services from just £12.50 per hour.

Artwork my logo

My process (in a nutshell)

It can be challenging to know what to expect when working with a logo designer. Splitting projects into stages makes things simple and easy to understand so you can focus on each step.

Your Brief

Having a clear idea of what you intend to use your logo design for really helps to ensure I create something that not only looks good but is fit for purpose as well.

Trademark, Domain & Social Channel Check

I will check if your new brand or product name has already been used or trademarked. Making sure your name is unique can help you avoid problems further down the line. I also check if your brand/product name is available as a or .com domain, and if social media accounts have been registered using that name.

Research & Moodboards

Once the basic checks are done, I conduct detailed visual research and will look at competitors as well as other logo designs currently being used in your industry. From this, I can gather images, and examples I feel are best suited to your needs.

Now it’s time to start the creative process. This begins with mood boards, which are a selection of found logo imagery. Your feedback allows me to get an idea of your likes, dislikes and creative preferences.

Sketching & Concepts

Following your feedback on the mood boards, I will put together a selection of logo sketches for the design of your logo. From the initial sketches, you can choose a few to work up into a digital format which forms the logo concept stage of the project.

Logo development & Artworking

From the concepts, you can start to narrow down your preference to one or two designs. We can then try some different colourways and arrangements. Once you’ve chosen the final design, I will artwork that vector, outlining any fonts and generally tidying things up ready for the final files.

File type generation

Once the logo is complete and ready to use, I create all the file formats you might require and send them to you. This can include EPS, PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG. You will also be given smaller files suitable for use on the web.

A recent project

I created this logo design for a freelance makeup artist. Sophie needed an elegant logo design to promote her business. It was essential to ensure the logo design would work across a range of media as Sophie was planning a website and business stationery design as well.

I created this finished design, which is modern, pretty and unique. This what Sophie said about the design ideas I created:

“Thank you for sending the additional ideas over. There are some lovely designs.”

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Why choose CEB Creative?

If you need a modern company logo, I have a range of professional logo design packages to fit most budgets. I can work with you to design a new logo using creative and imaginative ideas.

I usually produce a range of logo designs for you to choose from. These start as sketched and eventually are artworked into a digital format.

Branding & Business Stationery

In addition to creating a fantastic logo design, I can also assist with branding and logo design. Once you have your new logo, you may also need business card design as well as other stationery requirements.

If you are looking for freelance graphic design services, then get in touch as I offer a full range of graphic design services in addition to logo design.

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