Logo vector conversion service

I recently provided logo vector conversion service to Renosash to help them tweak their existing logo design and convert it to a vector file scalable to any size.

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Sam from Renosash recently used my logo artworking service to help take their existing ‘cobbled together’ logo and change one of the colours and make the whole image sharper and more professional looking. Sam also needed to be able to use the image with a transparent background.

The existing logo and icon design

Existing logo artwork

With my vector conversion service, I was able to create a vectorized version of the logo and change the colours easily.

I also recommend the following tweaks to the logo to make the logo sharper and more professional looking:

  • Remove the black outlines on the cream and teal boxes, these are quite thick and distracting.
  • Thin out the outline on the text, it’s too thick and distorts the letters in its current form.
  • With the R icon, I would make the same changes as above as well as make the cream box a square so that there is even space top/bottom and left/right of the R. This would work better for things like social media profile images etc.

The revised logo artwork and icon

The revised logo and icon design is much brighter and more modern. The text is no longer distorted by the thick outline and the overall look of the logo is much more subtle.

Logo Artworking Service

Sam was really pleased with the results of my logo artworking service and the logo soon appeared on the Renosash website and social media pages.

“Charlotte took my existing logo and made it sharper and more professional. Quick turn around and well priced. Thank you very much.”

Sam, Owner, Renosash

If you are looking at vectorizing your logo or just need a few small tweaks to an existing design, CEB Creative’s logo artworking service is perfect for you. Get in touch today!