Does your site need a website audit?

If your site isn’t bringing you the leads you need, it may be time for a website audit.

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A website audit will help show what is or isn’t working on your current site from loading speed to effective keywords. You can then use this information to make improvement and changes to your site which will increase its overall performance and help you move up the search engine rankings.

I would recommend regularly testing your site’s performance so you can keep on top of changes. The world of web changes very quickly so what worked 100% effectively three months ago may no longer be relevant. Even the best sites can quickly become outdated and fall behind in the search engine rankings if they are not regularly updated and monitored.

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Why should I invest in a site audit?

There are lots of good reasons to put your site through a website audit:

  • Google changes its algorithm frequently. It not only constantly updates how it places you based on content and also looks at your site structure and markup. As your site ages, it may contain depreciated tags which can affect your rankings.
  • Plugins, as well as core WordPress files, become outdated quickly. This can leave your site vulnerable to hackers and potential malware.
  • Your page speed score will change over time – slower sites lead to poor user experience and a drop in ranking.
  • There will always be new and better ways of doing things on your site as things move forward. New plugins and improvements come online all the time.
  • As your site grows and content changes, broken links can appear. This leads to poor user experience and a drop in rankings.
  • Your metadata may need refreshing – when sites first go live, all the metadata is usually spot on, but it can slip over time
  • On-page SEO may require improvement as you may be more established and familiar with your offerings.
  • Ensuring everything is marked up correctly (H1, H2 tags, etc.) and are all your articles the right length (350 words minimum)?
  • Uploaded images (particularly those added after the site has gone live) often have missing ALT tags, these are important.
  • Responsive CSS needs to be checked and content formatting looked at to make sure it’s still looking great on mobile
  • Uploaded images need to all be fully optimised; again this often slips after the site is live.
  • You may need to look at upgrading your hosting package to ensure your time to first byte and loading speeds are as good as they could be.

A website audit will give you the confidence to make changes to your site that you know will have a positive effect on your business. A website audit can also extend to your other online marketing activity such as social media, email marketing and inbound. I can help you identify other opportunities to do more online, reaching wider audiences and ultimately winning more business.

If you would like a website site audit, just click the link above and complete the form. For more information visit my Website Health Check Page.

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