How to create a professional email address for your business

A professional email address for your business allows you to add a personalised touch to your brand’s communications.

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Want a professional email address to communicate with your customers?

Setting up a business email setup can be confusing and complicated. I can help make things simple and give you the freedom to manage your own email accounts with my simple business email setup service. If you have a professional website for your business, then an email address that matches your domain is a no-brainer. It makes you look more professional and helps build trust with potential customers.

Why use a branded email address?

A branded email address always looks a lot more professional than a or email address.

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Which platform should I choose?

CEB Creative recommends G Suite for all your business email needs. Google business email is so easy to use, there are mobile apps as well as desktop apps available for it too. Gmail is an amazingly versatile email platform and you also get the added benefit of all the Google Apps which Google describes as “Built for business, designed for teams.” It includes things like Google Docs, Google+, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Drive and much more. I have found it to be a simple and cost-effective solution for professional business email and collaborative document sharing.

Whilst Gmail for business is not free, it is very affordable with plans starting from just £3.30 per month. It is excellent value for money for small businesses.

Why use my setup service

Setting up a professional email address requires you to add MX records to your domain. This needs to be done correctly and carefully to avoid issues or conflicts with other records.

I can take care of the complicated technical stuff for you and get you up and running on your 14 Day Free Trial. Once the trial is over you can choose to continue using G Suite for your business email or explore other options if it’s not for you.

Using G Suite means you can cut out the middleman and save money. You pay Google directly so no third party markup is involved you simply pay me a one-off setup fee to add the records to your domain.

Added bonus

If you sign up to Google Apps via my Google Referral Programme link, you can get 20% for each user for the first year. Sign up using the form here:

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7 Benefits of G Suite for business

  • Business email through Gmail
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Shared calendars
  • Documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • 24/7 support via phone and email, and online
  • Security and administration control
  • 30 GB cloud storage

What if I need multiple email address?

Gmail allows you to create up to 30 aliases on one account. This means you can have your primary email address and then a whole bunch of other emails such as all included in the £3.30 a month package. Simply set up filter rules in your inbox to manage mail coming in from all your various aliases as well as send mail from different email addresses all via one login.

If you want to give a partner or colleague their own professional email address then simply add a new user to your account for an additional £3.30 per month. This makes managing multiple emails so simple and easy.

Connect, Create, Access and Control

Google Apps offer much more than just a professional email address.

You can access shared calendars and Google+ to connect with customers and colleagues.

You can create all types of documents to share and collaborate with others. Google docs offer its own version of all the familiar Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.

Access these documents anywhere and use your Google Drive which offers cloud storage to keep all your important documents and resources in one place.

Finally, enjoy ultimate control over your business email and other related services. Manage users, devices and data securely and easily.

If you would like personalised business email setup, get in touch. You will pay a one-off setup fee before enjoying your FREE 14 Day Trial with G Suite.

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