7 signs you need a professional web designer

When is it time to consider commissioning a professional web designer?

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If you have a website but find yourself constantly battling with it or are not receiving the volume of enquiries you’d like, it’s probably time to call in a professional web designer.

Below I have listed seven telltale signs you might benefit from a professional web designers expertise.

  • Can you manage your content? Performing well in search engine rankings is more and more dependent on the content you produce for your website. Search engines like Google like to see websites regularly updated with high quality, fully optimised content. If you don’t have the ability to easily add and edit the content on your current site, you need to consider moving your site to a CMS platform like WordPress.
  • Is your current website mobile friendly? If your site is quite old and is built using static HTML then it is unlikely to be mobile friendly. This is so important as Google penalises websites that are not responsive. It does this in order to ensure its search results provide users with the content and experience they are looking for. If they can’t view your website on their phone, they won’t look at it. Simple at that!
  • Do you have a high bounce rate? Are visitors staying on your site and engaging with your products and services or are they leaving almost as soon as they arrive? You need to have analytics running on your website to know this for sure. If you do see a high bounce rate (80%+) in your Google analytics console, that is a good indication that visitors are not engaging with your website or its content. There could be many reasons for this but often old, out-dated information and a lack of fresh content is the cause.

Website Bounce Rate

  • Is your site slow? If your website takes an age to load then it will not be placed highly in the search results. People are impatient and quickly get bored waiting for things to load. The general rule is within 1-2 seconds, if your site starts to go beyond 3 seconds to load a page then visitors are likely to hit the back button and go elsewhere. Check your site load speed here.

Professional web designer

  • Are you website enquiries down? If you are getting enquiries through your website (you are getting enquiries right?) have you noticed a steady decline in quality leads? If you invest in a website then it should at least generate some leads for your business, if it’s not, we need to make it work harder.
  • Are you visible in the SERPs? If you aren’t getting any enquiries through your site then it’s highly likely you aren’t visible in the search results for the keywords and phrases related to your business. This is bad, it means something is wrong. What is wrong could be a combination of several different things, some are listed above. The best way to identify issues is to run a website health check.
  • Can you optimise your content for SEO? If you don’t know what this means then the answer is almost always going to be no. You should be able to optimise your content for on-page SEO. This will help you create the right type of content to rank in the search results.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you would benefit from a professional web designer’s help. I can help you identify what issues there are with your current site. We can then look at resolving these problems and getting your site working hard for your business. Depending on how your site is built this may be achievable through a port to WordPress or a complete redesign.

If you have a legacy site that needs improvement or want to move to WordPress, contact me today.