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Logo design for Inspire Others

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I was approached by Richard, who wanted to create a new logo design for a project for people with brain injuries to share their inspiring stories.

The logo needed to reflect hope and inspiration and work across a range of media types.

Richard and his team already had an idea that they had sketched out, they needed some help bringing their idea to life. I included some alternate suggestions they may not have considered.

"The team were so pleased with the logo concepts Charlotte put together. Thanks for bringing our idea to life!"

Richard Coates @ Inspire Others


Project Information

  • Designer: Charlotte Brown

  • Budget: ££

  • Turnaround: 1-2 Weeks

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The results

This logo design needed to be bright and reflect the inspiring nature of the group’s stories.

I offered Richard both literal and more graphic representations of these themes for the logo design.

Richard and the group were very happy with all the ideas but voted overwhelmingly for the winning design show above.

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