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Logo design for a freelance makeup artist

Updated: 28 Jan 2019 | Category: Logo Design | Tags: Startup Logos

Sophie approached me and asked me to help her create a Makeup Artist logo design for her new freelance makeup artistry business.

She was looking to target freelance bridal and special occasion makeup and wanted to go after the niche market for bespoke makeup artistry for clean, fresh and natural looking, flawless beauty.

"Thank you for sending the additional ideas over. There are some lovely designs."

Sophie Jane, Freelance Makeup Artist

Sophie Jane Logo Concepts
Sophie Jane Logo Sketches

Project Information

  • Designer: Charlotte Brown

  • Budget: £££

  • Turnaround: 2-4 Weeks

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The results

Sophie had some quite strong ideas already about what she wanted including the use of fresh colours such as pale pinks, flesh tones and natural greens/blues with gold/rose gold font colours. She also wanted simple imagery in the form of a geometric shape or her initials. Sophie felt the addition of a small icon combined with the business name ‘Sophie Jane Makeup Artist’ would make the logo more visually appealing than simply having the name on its own. She also liked the idea of a watercolour style background in the form of a brushstroke or blot of watercolour.

I designed a variety of handwritten logos with geometric, initials and brush stroke icons. Sophie had mentioned the possibility of getting a website created for her business as well so it was very important to choose typefaces that were also suitable for use on the web. I use Google Fonts which are great as they can be used on printed materials like logos as well as websites.

The designs were narrowed down to one through the logo development process and the final idea was refined further with some more font and colour adjustments.

The finished design is elegant, fresh and unique. It would also work well if Sophie did decide to offer news services such as skin care and facials.