Startup Yoga Travel Agency Logo Design

Logo design for a new yoga travel business.

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Action yoga Travel needed a logo design for their start-up yoga travel business and CEB Creative created a unique travel agency logo design for them. They were looking for something simple and elegant to kick-start their new brand.

The logo would be used across a variety of different media so it needed to work in different sizes and colours. There was also going to be a website design and build once the logo design was complete. Careful consideration was given to the fonts selected so as to ensure they could be used across both print and digital media.

"Charlotte is intuitive, communicates effectively, and is detailed in her responses. I’m very impressed with the experience given by CEB Creative, and the finished product."

Claire McConnell, Owner, Action Yoga Travel

Yoga Travel Logo Concept three
Yoga Travel Logo Concept one

Project Information

  • Designer: Charlotte Brown

  • Budget: £££

  • Other services: Website design and development

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The results

It is important for any logo design project that I fully understand the business and its target audience. I want to understand in detail what I’m designing the logo for and why. Claire provided guidance on the sort of design she was looking for and her vision for this new venture.

Action Yoga Travel was to be a bespoke independent yoga travel company that would personally select a handful of wellness retreats and instructors from around the world.

Claire had in mind a warm colour such as orange to be used for the logo, and a simple outline of a lotus flower.

I feel the finished design reflects Claire’s original vision and is professional enough to provide a strong base for the businesses new identity. It will work well across a range of different media and can be used for both large and small scale designs.