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Web developers are always looking for ways to make building sites easier.

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If I can save time and be more productive, I can earn more money by taking on extra web work. Web developers like me are always on the look out for useful little code snippets, css snippets and plugins to make life easier. I wanted to share five of my all time favourite WordPress plugins to use when developing a new website.

What the file plugin

What the file By Never5

This is the first plugin I install when building a new site. It’s a really simple but essential plugin when working with different PHP template files. It puts a little drop down menu in the top admin bar which shows you which PHP template you are using when on the page. This is particularly useful for sites with multiple archive and index pages as well as large sites in general. It makes locating and editing template files a whole lot easier, thanks Never5!

Theme file duplicator plugin

Theme File Duplicator By Jon Schwab

This plugin has 2,000+ active installs according to and is well deserving of its 5-star reviews. It’s very simple and allows you to duplicate existing PHP templates to create new templates. Really good for websites using multiple archive and index pages, you can give each new template a custom name which makes things easier to manage in the editor.

Cookie consent plugin

Cookie Consent By Catapult_Themes

The plugin slogan is ‘The only cookie consent plugin you’ll ever need’ and they’re not wrong. This is another simple yet essential plugin and features on all my websites. Install and set up is super simple and the customisation options mean you can reflect your clients branding. They also provide the content for the cookie page which saves you the job of trawling the internet for cookie consent text.

WP Responsive Menu plugin

WP Responsive Menu By MagniGenie

I really like this plugin because unlike some responsive menu plugins it’s really simple to set up and doesn’t seem to clash with other functions such as sliders. It’s a massive time saver in terms of having to try and code a responsive accordion style nav. Like the Cookie plugin it can be easily customised to fit in with your clients brand.

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO By Team Yoast

Not technically a web developer plugin as such but a very useful tool for devs and clients alike. This powerful plugin will allow you to optimise your on-page SEO by selecting a keyword or phrase and creating custom SEO titles, slugs and meta data for each page and post of your site. The most amazing thing is that it’s free! I install it on all my sites as standard and educate clients on how to use it.

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