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Do you struggle to write website content for your site?

Content is king and should never be overlooked when creating an effective business website.

I want to build you a website that works hard for your business, and the website content planning stages of the project need to be done properly to ensure this happens.

Whether you are considering a new website or rebuilding an existing one, there needs to be a clear planning stage for content. Approach the content in the same way you would approach your websites design, think about it carefully and do your research. Website content should be informative and well written. It should also be supported with things like images, downloads and links.

Things to consider for your website content:

  • Think about who you are talking to
  • Use the right language to engage site visitors
  • Avoid lengthy content and lots of detailed waffle
  • Consider what people will type when searching for your business
  • Collect asset such as images and PDFs to use on your site
  • Plan you blogging strategy and get a calender.

Creating a website and leaving the content as an after-thought is not good practice. Your designer won’t have anything to work with and your site might look great but if it’s empty who’s going to look at it? It’s very important to get everything prepared and ready for the new site well in advance of it going live.

I can help all my clients at the start of the project and ensure their content is in order before we move to the build. If you are really stuck I can provide detailed guidelines to help you write and format your own content correctly or I can manage the whole thing and do your content for you.

If you need help with website content or need advice on SEO, get in touch and we can discuss your requirements fully. Contact me today about website content.

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