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CEB Creative offers a range of website design services in Brackley.

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You can be confident in receiving a selection of professional website design services. I am a fully qualified graphic designer and experienced WordPress front end developer. You can check out my full resume here.

Website design services Brackley:

WordPress Website Design & Build

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I used the popular CMS platform called WordPress to build all my clients websites. WordPress now powers 26% of all sites on the web. Originally designed as a blogging platform WordPress is SEO friendly, easy to use and can be developed and configured in thousands of different ways. Start-ups, dentists, government, photographers, scientists, agencies, designer, gardens and the list goes on. Millions of people share their businesses and organisations using WordPress.

Benefits of a WordPress website

  • Totally open source (free)
  • User-friendly and great for non-techy people
  • Continually developed and supported
  • Extendable via thousands of free plugins
  • Secure and reliable

Moving to WordPress

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If you already have a website such as a static HTML site, switching to WordPress will allow you more control over your content. WordPress allows users to easily update their website content via a simple WIZIWIG editor. Moving to WordPress is easy. It could save you money as it removes the need for ongoing developer charges for small changes. If you already have a WordPress website using an off-the-shelf theme and want a more bespoke design and build, all my websites are completely bespoke. They are designed and built to suit your needs and only include the functionality you need.

Benefits of moving to WordPress

  • Content is 90% editable by you
  • Professional look and feel
  • Search engines love WordPress
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Multiple users

Managed Website Hosting

Website hosting is so important but often overlooked. There are a lot of hosting options available, and most are very very cheap. Cheap hosting is often on shared servers which are overcrowded. This means your website is slow and vulnerable to bad neighbours. As a general rule of thumb, you should be paying between £15-£30 per month for decent hosting. I offer both standard and premium managed website hosting. This starts from just £20 a month or £240 per annum. I will take care of all the set-up and ongoing hosting maintenance as part of this cost. Hosting can be complicated, and this takes the pressure off you and lets me worry about the technical stuff.

Benefits of CEB Creative managed hosting

  • Dedicated WordPress hosting
  • Secure platform
  • Weekly back-ups
  • Easily scale as your website grows
  • UK based support

Search Engine Optimisation

You have probably heard the abbreviation SEO. If not, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s quite simply the process of maximising the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that the site appears high up on the list of results returned by search engines like Google. You need an SEO strategy for your business. There are tools and plugins out there to help you with this but understanding what’s required for good Search Engine Optimisation is equally as important.

I can provide advice on the correct keywords/phrases you should be using and how to structure your website content for optimal SEO performance. I offer SEO keyword research for all types of businesses and websites.

Benefits Search Engine Optimisation service

  • Optimise your business for local search
  • Use the right keywords for your products/services
  • Check out your competitors
  • Check you current rankings
  • Create a blogging calendar

Website Content

Content is king and should be at the top of your website priority list. Approach your content in the same way, you approach your website’s design. Think about it carefully and do your research. Website content should be informative and well written. It should also be supported with things like images, downloads and links. Your content should be structured around your target keywords/phrases and should be structured in an SEO-friendly way. I can help you with content structure and production.

Benefits of website content service

  • Target your intended audience
  • Use the right SEO structure
  • Content length 350-3000 words
  • Advice on assets such as images and PDFs to use on your site
  • Well written and grammatically correct

CEB Creative Website Health Check

It’s crucial to check where your site is at regarding performance and SEO. You need to know what is or isn’t working on your current site to make improvements. You will receive a detailed website health check report. This will contain the results of each test I have performed as well as some useful hints and tips on what can be done to make improvements if required.

Benefits of a Website Health Check

  • Tests your site speed
  • Checks your Google Page Insights score
  • See your current keyword rankings
  • Analyse build and content quality
  • Find out if your site is mobile friendly

To find out more about CEB Creative’s website design services, check out my services page. If you are interested in any of the above services I offer, contact me today.

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