Why should you use a professional graphic designer?

There are advantages beyond the obvious of using a professional graphic designer for your business.

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Below you will find 10 reasons you should hire a professional graphic designer like me.

Many times clients have come to me with their company logo which has been created by themselves using Powerpoint (or worse Word). Unfortunately a lot of small businesses and start-ups try to cut costs by taking the DIY approach to their businesses branding and logo design. This is a false economy however and can be a costly fix further down the road.

Lets be clear good quality graphic design requires the skills and expertise of a creative expert. This is someone who not only has a natural talent for creativity but has also trained in the various disciplines required to become a professional graphic designer. You cannot compare a £25 logo your buy from a stock website to one which has been developed and design by a professional designer. Good graphic designers will work with you to ensure that you get the design that fits your business needs. They will conduct detailed research of current trends, competitor logos and take you personal tasks into account as well. They will often give you a variety of designs to choose from and tweak them as required. Perhaps most importantly they will have access to industry standard software and be able to produce your logo in the correct format so it can be used in many ways across multiple platforms.

10 reasons you should hire me (or any other professional designer but mostly me)

1. Save yourself time

If you are starting a new business or just managing an existing one, you probably have enough on your plate. Do you have time to struggle with the annoying formatting in Word or try to squash up text in Powerpoint? I can come up with some smashing designs and put them together in a quarter of the time you can.


2. Save yourself money (yes really)

I have access to resources that would cost you a lot more if you were to access them yourself. Stock images for example, by using a subscription I can purchase images much cheaper than you can as an individual. I can also advise you on the most cost effective materials and printing methods for your business stationary. And I know the best way to design your materials to keep your printing costs to a minimum from the off.


3. Stand out from the crowd

Using a stock logo that 500+ other people have downloaded before you isn’t going to distinguish you from your competition. Ever heard the phrase, buy cheap you buy twice? Of course you have and as we all know it’s usually true. You need your business to stand out so your branding, logo and business stationary should too. Think distinguished not ordinary!


4. Consistency is key

Number one rule if you do use a professional designer is as follows: DO NOT get them to design a few bits for you then try and copy what they’ve done for other materials using the dreaded Powerpoint or Publisher trick. This angers graphic designers as well as making your business materials look crap and highlight some worrying inconsistency.


5.Think about the end result

When a business comes to a designer and asks for a new brochure, they don’t really want a new brochure as such. What they actually want is to increase sales by sending out more marketing materials to customers or advertise a new product to their existing customer base. If you want a new brochure with the aim of getting a 10% increase in annual sales then you need to reflect that in the amount you invest in the design and printing of your brochure. A badly designed and cheaply produced piece of marketing material is likely to find it’s way fairly swiftly to the bin rather than on the CEO’s desk where you want it.


6. Stick to the rules

Unbeknown to most people Google images is not a free library from which you can help yourself to anything you fancy. Using a professional graphic designer who knows about copyright and intellectual property could save you a lot of grief not to mention a hefty law suit!


7. Give yourself the professional edge

If you get a logo designed by a professional designer your competitors and customers will know it. It will look great and communicate to them that you are a dedicated professional in all aspects of your business.


8. One thing leads to another

Often you will find professional graphic designers skills also straddle other creative disciplines such as website design, photography, illustration and so on. You may require these additional skills as your business grows and if you designer can’t perform them him or herself then they will certainly know someone who can.


9. Getting some perspective

As a business owner you are very close to your business, you love it and lets be honest may even be a little obsessed by it. It is therefore ill advised for you to make big decision about something you have little knowledge of which may impact your business significantly. Just because your competition is doing it doesn’t mean you should. You sell lovely garden furniture and your favourite animal is a snake that doesn’t mean you should use these two things in your logo! Take a step back and leave it to a professional.


10. And finally…

I’ve been doing graphic design a long time. Trust me, I’m a professional graphic designer.

Making a good impression on your customers and don’t start your new business off on the wrong foot. Contact me today for professional graphic design advice and help with branding, logo design, business stationary and other marketing materials. I can work with your budget and help you to decide which items you need first and what you should consider in the future as your business grows.

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