Need help with WordPress SEO?

If your website isn’t pulling its weight, I can offer expert WordPress SEO services to bring it up to scratch.

CEB Creative can help your business with best practice WordPress SEO techniques. I can show you how to add SEO to WordPress and help improve your WordPress SEO score.

WordPress SEO is very effective at helping your website to rank well in search engine results.

I can help with ongoing SEO and get your website ranking for a Google search of “your business service/ location” e.g. “Web design Brackley” or “SEO Brackley“. Ensuring you rank on page one for your brand name and location is very important as you can then expand on that to tackle more competitive regional and national search terms.

WordPress SEO

Quick Facts

Some interesting stats about search results that you may not know. 71% is the average percentage of searches that result in a click on page one of the results. Results on pages two and three get just 5% of clicks on average. A massive 67% of all clicks come from the top five search results, with only 3% of clicks for results six to ten.

Get help with SEO?

Want to improve your WordPress website?

Firstly, to be successful with WordPress SEO, you need a stable foundation to work from. Your website’s design and build need to be correct and conform to industry standards.

If you have broken links and messy code, then this will go against you in the search results when up against other websites that don’t contain these errors.

Hosting is also crucial to SEO success but is often overlooked in favour of cost-cutting. Cheap hosting is not recommended for WordPress, and you should expect to pay between £10-35 per month for decent hosting. Cheap hosting may be appealing, but you will end up on an overcrowded shared server, and as a result, your page load speeds will be negatively affected. Google and other search engines don’t like slow sites so again you’ll lose out here.

I can work with you to help you optimise an existing WordPress website to make it work harder for your business.

WordPress is good for SEO

The graph above shows how even a brand new WordPress site on a new domain can gain significant organic traction over 12 months with even a basic SEO strategy.

A lot of clients ask ‘Is WordPress good for SEO’ and the answer is yes, as search engines love it. However, you must ensure your site is built and structured correctly as this gives you a stable platform on which to work an SEO strategy.

My WordPress website optimisation service can help you speed up WordPress and improve its overall load time performance. We can also look at the structure and design of your website to see if changes can be made to maximise your user’s experience.

There are many reasons a WordPress website can underperform. It could be an old, slow theme or require some essential updates and general housekeeping. Improving the way it performs can have a significant impact on how your site ranks in the search, which can lead to new business conversions. Even something as small as ensuring all the images on your website have been fully optimised for the web can make a massive difference to your site speed.

I have a Website Health Check service I can perform on your current site to identify what’s working and what isn’t. Making some basic improvements to your website can pay for itself in the short term.

Having a properly optimised WordPress site can help you win more business.

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A recent project

I recently helped a local taxi firm – JPD Travel who are based in Bicester with some content writing services.

They wanted to rank higher for their focus keywords, but their service landing pages were lacking in content. I produced this piece of content for the focus keyword ‘taxi airport transfer Bicester’.

They now rank as the top organic result for that keyword and the related keyword ‘airport transfer Bicester’. They also appear in the Local Pack (the map results).

Content writing services

See an example of SEO focused content written by CEB Creative here.

Featuring in the search results

A new website won’t immediately start ranking top of Google’s search results. It is widely accepted that it can take three to six months. Yes, you read that correctly!

Getting to the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERPs) usually takes between 90-180 days. This time frame is also very dependant on the competitiveness of your industry and the popularity of your keywords. There are several reasons, which I have outlined in this post that a high ranking position may take as much as a year or longer in competitive fields.

There are lots of things you can do to speed up the process though and here are my 5 SEO

Starter Tips:

  1. Complete a Google My Business listing
  2. Complete a listing on directory sites – Bing!, Yahoo and Yell (include as much detail as you can and keep them all consistent in terms of information)
  3. Create your Site/Brand’s social accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube (if you have or will have any video content), Instagram (if you have any graphics or images content).
  4. Connect Your Social Accounts to your website (add icons on your site that link to your profiles)
  5. Write a list of keywords to target in search engines (12 is ideal as then you can aim for one a month) If you aren’t confident doing this yourself then see the services below.

How to add SEO to WordPress

There are also plugins that offer WordPress SEO help. The best WordPress SEO plugin is Yoast SEO premium, but there is also an excellent free version.

I can set up and show you how to use Yoast SEO. This will allow you to complete detailed on-page SEO on all the pages and posts you have. It will instruct you on how to add SEO to WordPress, making it easier for you to plan and optimise your content.

Keyword research tool

What about writing content for websites?

Website content writing can be tricky as it’s crucial to make sure you incorporated your target keywords and for-filled the Yoast SEO checklists.

I aim to build you a website that works hard for your business, and the website content needs to be carefully planned to incorporate within it the most effective focus keywords.

Whether you are considering a new website or rebuilding an existing one, I include a clear planning stage for keyword research and content optimisation. This comprehensive, data-driven approach is what makes the websites I create different from the norm. A lot of people can get very caught up in the design of the site, but the content needs to be given equal (if not bigger) priority.

Great website content writing needs planning as well as supporting materials, things like images, downloads and links. Website content writing should be informative, unique and natural.

My top tips for what to consider when creating website content:

  • Think about who you are talking to (personas)
  • Use the right language to engage site visitors
  • Avoid lengthy content and lots of detailed waffle
  • Consider what people will type when searching for your business (search intent)
  • Collect asset such as images and PDFs to use on your site
  • Plan your blogging strategy and get a blogging calendar

Improved rankings JPD Travel

How can I help?

I offer a range of expert SEO services to help give your website rankings a boost.

Content is king and should never be overlooked when creating an effective business website. It forms the basis for any SEO that you might perform on the site later. Do you struggle to write content for your site?

CEB Creative can help create informative website content for your website. I can review any content you provide and optimise it for SEO or I can advise you on what needs to be changed so you can do it yourself.

I believe that you are the best person to write about your business, as you know it inside out. If you are stuck, I can provide detailed guidelines to help you write and format your content correctly, or I can manage the whole thing and do your content for you.

What next?

All my SEO work is data-driven, and I always carry out a website health check on your website before making any changes. My health check helps to identify what is or isn’t working and what else you need to be doing to improve your visibility in the search results.

I can help ensure your site is Search engine friendly by assisting you with both On-page and Off-page SEO techniques.

Get your site ranking today!